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Why Choose Us?

Our products are build for the export market. We want to offer the same quality to Vietnam. With our products you can worry less about unsafe vegetables and become a gardener the easy way. 

I successfully give your product to my staff. They actually very surprised and exited to see this product.I never forget everyone was so happy to have your product as a present of TET holiday and they really eager to see what the product.

They were very into to grow your product in our office and everyone is very happy to see its growing procedure!

-- Kojiro, Business Man

''Honestly, I've never taken vegetable seriously. But the microgreens really have changed by eating habits.

Not to mention the nutrition, their tastes suit me well and they are perfect for snack. Moreover, I can

mix the microgreens in my smoothies or salads or even sandwiches. VitaHiro makes it easier to enjoy

the microgreens. I've fallen in love with it when i first approached it. I can decorate my desk or my room

with it. The green color makes me feel peaceful and relax

I was introduced about the VitaHiro microgreens grower last year. Since then I am totally in love with that. ''

-- Linh Annam

''Working as an office staff, I sometimes stay long hours in the office. Out there, in the restaurants for office workers, a minimum vegetable portion is provided, and I can't always trust the vegetable I get from ordered food as well. It is very hard for me to eat the necessary natural vitamins and nutrients needed for the week.

I found out VitaHiro microgreens grower, it is so amazing. It is small, cute and convenient. It grows automatically, I do nothing but changing water once a day. Now, when I need I just cut, rinse and add to my lunch. Yummie.

A secret, it is not only my vitamin but also my lovely decorative stuff. Keep my workplace green.''

-- Giang Hoang - Key Account Manager - Rep. Office of Hager Electro Limited in HCMC

Who we are?

Founded in 2016 and incorporated in 2017, based in Vietnam, we use Dutch and Japanese technology overseen by a team of Vietnamese and Dutch engineers. We design and produce personal hydroponic farm kits for consumers who wish to have an easy method for growing healthy, pesticide-free greens you can trust at home or in the office.


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27 Nguyen Huu Tho, Tan Hung Ward, District 7, HCMC.

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